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About Isagenix Distributors – BC Isagenix is available in the following BC cities: Prince George British Columbia, Red Deer Alberta, Chilliwack British Columbia. …

I am 38 years old and a heavy equipment operator in Nanaimo Landfill in British
Columbia, Canada. Needless to say, I am surrounded by toxins every day. I was introduced to Isagenix by
my best friends ~ Debbie Narayan and Suzanne Deveau. Together they coached me along.
I have always struggled with my weight since I was a child. I had many emotional challenges growing up, one
being my brother dying of AIDS at the age of 29. Also, being a woman in a male-dominated industry I have
always had to fight for everything I got. Today I am well respected in my field but I knew that I needed to deal
with my health. My husband, Robbie, and I were living a very unhealthy lifestyle and I could no longer ignore
it. I was a little hesitant to try something new for fear it would not work and I would be let down again. Too
many tears over the years and feeling like no one or nothing could ever help me feel good about myself.
What really motivated me was when I returned from my Mexico trip and saw a picture of myself ~ I could not
deny it any more. I weighed 276 pounds. It was time.
I was eager to get started. My product arrived and away I went. Within the first week, I noticed a huge boost
in my energy and, as a result of the weight loss ~ I no longer had difficulty breathing and sleeping during the
night. My mood went from BLAA to “WOW I FEEL REALLY GOOD!”
As the weeks went, on I could not believe how much weight I was losing. My original goal was to lose 100 lbs
but now I have changed that goal to 120 lbs. Suzanne and I laugh because that is Suzanne’s total body
weight. I have now lost 121 pounds and 102 inches ~ and still going.
The support I have received from everyone in Isagenix and family and friends has been overwhelming. Robbie
and I have a beautiful 5 year old daughter Breanna, who got on board and coaches me everyday. She often
says, “Mom is today a juice day?” She is so glad I have a lot more energy to play with her and she is so proud.
Robbie, my husband, within 6 weeks, decided he’d better get on Isagenix as well. My husband has since lost
50 lbs and has a lot more energy. It has spiced up our relationship to a new level!
DO NOT HESITATE! Get on Isagenix today ~ it will change your life !
Nanaimo Landfill, British Columbia

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